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Streams in the Desert

A 365 day devotional app based on Streams in the Desert by Mrs. Charles Cowman updated with digital features for today’s smartphones and tablets.

Be refreshed by God’s Word daily as you read Daily Streams, a daily devotional based on Streams in the Desert by Mrs. Charles Cowman, with bible verses taken from the NIV, ESV, NET, KJV, WEB and NLT bible.

Mrs. Charles E. Cowman, the wife of Rev. Charles Cowman, founder of the Oriental Missionary Society, were missionaries in Japan from 1901 to 1918. She compiled Streams in the Desert from various sermons, readings, writings, and poetry she had read over the years.

The immense popularity of this book has allowed at least 19 editions of the book to be printed. The widespread appeal grows daily as new readers discover the joy, challenge, and inspiration found in Streams in the Desert.

User reviews:

Mrs Cowman’s devotionals have had a profound effect on my life and it was wonderful to find your app. You did a great job with it! I like that you can set the font style and size. Thanks! — Sandi

Easy to use. Easy to read. No extra, unneeded frills. Thank you for a great way to present this wonderful classic devotional. — BigWind9

This is a very meaningful and helpful daily devotional book for my iPad. I love being able to have all my devotional readings and Bible apps on one device. I don’t have to lug heavy books around when I sit down for my quiet time or study time. This is especially nice when I travel, to not have to take numerous books. This daily devotional has some old classic devotionals from writers who thought deeply about God’s truths and were able to aptly express them in a unique devotional style. Just like some of the old hymns that have deep theological truths contained in them, these devotionals take us into deep thoughts about God and His ways for us. I highly recommend this devotional to anyone who loves God’s Word and is serious about their daily walk with The Lord.


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