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Daily Strength for Daily Needs

A 365 day devotional app based on Daily Strength for Daily Needs, a devotional compilation by Mary Tileston updated with digital features for today’s smartphones and tablets.

Be strengthen by God’s Word daily as you read Daily Strength, a daily devotional based on Daily Strength for Daily Needs compiled by Mary Tileston from a collection of Christian prose, poetry and excerpts by notable writers like St. Augustine, Jeanne Guyon, Hannah Whitall Smith, Frances Ridley Havergal, Martin Luther, Isaac Watts, Charles and John Wesley, Longfellow, Coleridge, Emerson, and Milton with bible verses taken from the NIV, ESV, NLT, KJV, WEB and NET bible. Daily Strength promises an enriching reading experience for all.

This little book of brief selections in prose and verse, with accompanying texts of Scripture, is intended for a daily companion and counsellor. These words of the goodly fellowship of wise and holy men of many times, it is hoped may help to strengthen the reader to perform the duties and to bear the burdens of each day with cheerfulness and courage. — Mary Tileston

User reviews:

Very good read. I use it daily and look forward to reading and meditating on it every day. It centers me and puts my head and heart on the right path daily. — Lisa

I love that the daily readings are short enough to read quickly, but meaty enough to want to read slowly, and twice sometimes! I look forward to each day’s quotes. — JDMc24

I love this app! The first thing I do in the morning along with my devotional! It gives me just what I need to start my day by allowing me to not focus on the bad things. I love the poems in the beginning of the topic. This app is a 5 star app.! — Margaret


  • Read today’s devotional.
  • Share content through Facebook, Twitter or email.
  • Set daily notifications to remind yourself to read your daily devotions.
  • Bookmark and add personal notes for your favorite devotional.
  • Track your reading progress day by day.
  • Select and read the article for any day of the year.
  • Customize your reading experience with different font, font size and turning on the low-light mode.